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Coworking Australia Facebook Group Rules

Coworking Australia Facebook Group Rules

Wednesday, 25th October 2017  |  Everything Else



noun: coworking

1. The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

(We dropped the hyphen and kind of felt bad about that, but then we moved on.)

These Rules are not carved in stone they are written in WordPress, which has the advantage of being easier to update. They may change and we may not be great at telling you about the changes because we’re only human. But we will endeavour to be fair and reasonable; we hope you can be too.

Group Admin is Jim Groves – Founder of Rubberdesk.com. Rubberdesk is a marketplace for sharing office space and strongly believes in creating communities and nurturing business.

We’ll be on the hunt for moderators so please stick your hand up and get involved.

Who is this Group for?

Firstly, let us state – if you’d like to join the Group – you can – we try not to exclude.

The Group is aimed supporting the community of businesses involved in coworking, which is a pretty wide group. The Community includes Freelancers, Startups, Small Businesses and Partnerships, Remote Workers, Business Travellers and those who run Coworking Spaces or have Spare Office Space to Share.

We’re a wide and varied bunch – you might be:

  • Working from home and want some virtual coworkers – Welcome!
  • Working in an office alone or around others – Welcome!
  • Running or thinking about starting a Coworking Space – Welcome!
  • Looking for new offices – Welcome!
  • Have Services or Products appropriate to Coworking – Welcome! As you can see, we’re pretty welcoming.


Some of the more successful Facebook groups are using Hashtags on posts and we’d like to pay compliment to those groups by imitating them. Please prefix your posts with one of the following Hashtags:


When you join, please introduce yourself and your business – this is your opportunity to let the group know a bit about yourself and your company and the services you provide. You can plug your business and include a link, but this is one of the only times for self-promotion – so make the most of it.


We’re not too prescriptive on this – but the news should be something the community will find relevant. We think Offers can fit into this category too – but reserve the right to change that if #NEWS gets to be too spammy.


Let the community know about upcoming events that are relevant to the coworking community. This is a great chance for us to build more than just a virtual network, but also arrange for meetups where members can network and collaborate face to face.


Pass on useful links and tips that are relevant to the members of the community. That’s a pretty wide remit – and intentionally so as we are a community of Freelancers, Startups, Small Businesses and Office Space providers.


If you’re looking for a recommendation for a place to work or anything related to helping your business then shout for #HELP and the community will no doubt provide recommendations and feedback. Any challenge you face with your business is being faced by others – you are not alone – and this community is your safe place to ask for help.


We encourage the sharing of different opinions, healthy discussion and thought provoking points of view. To help create an environment for diverse opinions to be shared we believe everyone has the right to be treated courteously and with respect and language and images used should be appropriate.


Please keep self-promotion to the #INTRO posts, this isn’t a buy sell swap forum.

However, we know that one of the more common questions is “where’s good to work in….?” and it’s pretty hard to provide a recommendation of your business without self-promoting – so all we ask is that you’re upfront with any affiliations to businesses you have when responding to recommendations.


If we believe a post to be inappropriate or offensive, we will remove it without discussion.

If you believe a post to be inappropriate or offensive please raise it with us and we will review. As Admin of the group, our view is final.

So in summary: enjoy, share and be nice to each other.



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