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“A Game Changer for Australian Coworking

Press Release: Commercial Real Estate and Rubberdesk (14th June 2018)

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“Will This Australian Startup Be the Airbnb of Office Space? Its Creators Hope So

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“Rubberdesk Stretches Airbnb Idea to Office Space”

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Company Information

Who are Rubberdesk?

Rubberdesk is the product of lots of hard work and late nights by its founders Jim Groves, CEO and David Dale, CTO.

Prior to Rubberdesk, Jim worked for 20 years in investment banking, in a range of roles that transformed broking from the traditional high touch model to low touch and straight through processing.

With over 20 years full stack development experience David began his career as a graphic designer.

Between David’s technical skill and keen eye for design, and Jim’s experience transforming traditional marketplaces they have brought Rubberdesk to life to disrupt the flexible office space market.

What is a Rubberdesk?

A rubberdesk is a flexible office space. A spare desk or private office that is rented out to earn money for its owner.

Is Rubberdesk a Marketplace?


Rubberdesk is a peer to peer marketplace with thousands of office spaces for rent by the month.

Our Hosts have everything from desks in shared offices and coworking spaces to private offices for individuals and teams.

What is Rubberdesk's Vision?

Rubberdesk’s vision is for a world where people feel connected and empowered to achieve their goals. Working at what they love in places they love and in a community where they can thrive.

Who are Rubberdesk Members?

Rubberdesk members are freelancers, small and medium sized businesses and larger corporates.

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, whether they have been working from home or in coworking space. What they share is a passion for what they do and an environment where they can flourish.

What Makes Rubberdesk so Special?

Businesses are not built by desks and chairs, they’re built by people, collaborations and hard work. Rubberdesk creates ecosystems of like minded people while taking care of the desks and chairs, freeing up our members to do what they do best.

Rubberdesk is the fist and largest platform for shared office space of its kind…

  • First to make sharing office space super simple to manage
  • First to connect like minded businesses
  • First to find you the perfect partner to share your space
What Specifically does Rubberdesk Provide?

Rubberdesk provides an online platform where businesses share their spare desk and office space.
Rubberdesk provides:

  • A free to list service – helping businesses get found
  • Trusted messaging between Guests and Hosts
  • Help arranging tours
  • Secure payment processing – taking the pain out of getting paid
  • Short form licence agreement for Hosts to use making life super simple

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Meet The Team

Jim Groves
Founder & CEO

With 20 years corporate experience in finance and technology, Jim has built trading systems and financial marketplaces as well as run a successful trading desk. 

Now he has turned that expertise to focus on disrupting the commercial office space market.

David Dale

David has 20 years web design and development experience. Having run and sold his own agency he has turned that experience to building a world class peer to peer marketplace.

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