How Rubberdesk helps businesses earn

How Rubberdesk helps businesses earn

Listing your spare office space on Rubberdesk is a free, easy and efficient way of getting the right Guest into your space! We've created a platform to help make the process of sharing space as easy as possible. Watch the video below to find out how we've helped businesses like yours earn some extra cash, and meet some amazing new people!

In our Hosts' words

  • "I dont want to be worrying about contractual agreements or collecting the rent all the time, so with everything centralised through Rubberdesk just makes it a lot easier" - Emma
  • "Rubberdesk connected us with our target market" - Cass
  • "We struggled for a long time to have an office that was full, and within a week to 10 days you had somebody lined up and they were the right people" - Adam
  • "Rubberdesk and our office space, there was a nice fit because it was A, going to be affordable, but B, going to be really attractive to a lot of people" - Cass

Reasons why Guests choose local coworking spaces over a large office space providers:

  • Many Guests are looking for a permanent place to work where they know the locals,
  • It's in a convenient location other then in the CBD,
  • Located in their local area, saving them transport time and costs.

It's not just large coworking operators who can make money from renting out office space, if you've got spare desks you could be earning around $500 / month per desk!

Altitude Cowork New Space

Coworking Booms

Deskmag's annual report predicts that by the end of 2019, there will be an estimated 2.2 million coworking members around the world. This astounding figure makes sense following the entrance of the likes of WeWork and the hundreds of other coworking operators both within Australia and across the globe. However, it's not only large operators who are renting desks and offices, hundreds of small businesses across Australia are listing their spare offices online and renting out their space with other likeminded professionals!

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