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What was the outcome when using Rubberdesk?

What was the outcome when using Rubberdesk?

Renting your spare desks and offices on Rubberdesk helps you achieve more then just financial goals. Create a vibrant, inviting and most importantly productive office environment, making going to work easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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In our Hosts' words

  • "If we had the back office as well as the front office, we would be able to, if we decided to expand our team here we would never have to lose our prime office space here and expand into the back" - Emma
  • "I felt that the office was finally well utilised, financially that was a great outcome, but also the culture was a much more fun place to go to work" - Ceasar
  • "It's a good showcase for our business and i think businesses like Rubberdesk help us fill that really really quickly and you have a better ofice then you couldn't do by taking that gamble" - Adam
  • "we have a bunch of people in the room, who don't have anything to do with eachother's business, but everyone is aiming towards succeeding in their businesses" - Ceasar

5 benefits of sharing your office space

1. Connect and collaborate with others

Sharing your office space with different businesses comes with:

  • A vibrant community, especially if it's shared with similar industries
  • Gain new contacts and potential clients
  • Ideas can be discussed and generated with those around you
  • You can network with professionals from all fields

2. Financial benefits

  • Renting out your desk on Rubberdesk can have you earning around $500 per desk!
  • Relieve some financial pressures by using rent from your desks to cover overheads
  • Financially utilise your whole space

3. Room to grow

  • By renting a larger office and sharing your spare desks, gives your business the ability to upsize or downsize on short notice.
  • With flexible lease agreements, you have control over how long your guests stay for, giving you the added flexibility for growth.

Altitude Cowork New Space

4. Location

Your business alone might not be able to afford office space directly in the city or your most ideal location. By renting out desks and offices can help you to afford to work in the most central, convenient location. Whether you need space in a convenient suburb, or a prime CBD position, coworking allows you to access locations at a more affordable rate.

5. Boost your office culture

  • Like some of our hosts have discussed, having more people in the office creates a buzz and enriching environment to work in.
  • With every business working towards success, it can help motivate you to stay productive.
  • Your office becomes an enjoyable hub, where people want to come to work

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