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If you have spare desk or office space, we'll help find someone willing to rent it from you.

The idea is simple. Businesses need office space but don't always want a traditional lease, so they rent space by the month, often for years at a time. That way they don't need to worry about setting up or managing the office.

You already have an office - so why not get paid extra by Guests?

And Rubberdesk now powers coworking for Commercial Real Estate, which means, when you're on Rubberdesk, you're on Commercial Real Estate and have the best chance of renting your coworking space.

Rubberdesk in Association with Commercial Real Estate

Anyone can be a Host

Any business with spare desks or a space office can rent them out. You don't need to give up your main business, it's an extra income that could mean you'll be living rent free.

Step 1 - List Your Space

If your spaces aren't on Rubberdesk, they aren't being found by potential Guests.

  • List your office spaces on line for free
  • You're in control and can set the price you want
  • You can amend the listing any time, day or night

You can create as many listings as you have spaces so that Guests can see exactly what's available - go ahead and give it a try:

List My Space Have spare office space to rent?
List for free, it's super easy

Step 2 - Guests Enquire and Tour

  • You'll get an email direct from Guests interested to meet you and view the space for rent.
  • Show potential Guests the space and make sure they are a good fit for you and your business
  • Remember you're in control - there's no obligation.

Step 3 - Take Bookings and Get Paid

  • Guests prepay, and when they request to book and payment is taken when you confirm a booking.
  • The day after they start with you, Rubberdesk will pay you for the month ahead.
  • There's no chasing invoices - it's all taken care of.

Each month Rubberdesk takes care of payments so you don't need to worry.

To help our Hosts, we've put together the Rubberdesk Short Form Licence Agreement to cover the terms of the rental. It's a plain english agreement, so you can relax in peace of mind. And it's all signed online in minutes so the whole process is super simple worry free.

Wondering what the difference between a lease and a licence is - read more here

Rubberdesk Pricing

  • It's free to list your space on Rubberdesk - we only get paid when you get paid.
  • Our Referral Fees are 10% of each months' booking amount.

It's up to you how much you charge per desk (the average desk rate on Rubberdesk is $510 a month).

If you're a coworking operator talk to us about how we can work with you on Referral rates.

More about Pricing

Rent by the Month for the Long Term

We know most hosts don't want someone different arriving every day, which is why we try and match Guests with Hosts to become regular long term partners.

Coworking and Managed Office Space isn't just a short term option, the majority of businesses use it for the long term as it saves them time and effort setting up an office.
So while the monthly rentals keep rolling, you'll keep earning.

Welcome your guests

Welcome your guest

The payment is safely taken and the Rubberdesk licence agreement is in place, so you're all set to welcome your Guests to your office.

On their first day, show them around the office and introduce them to the rest of the team, so everyone knows who's who. Remember, making your Guest feel welcome really helps to secure a long term relationship.

Most Guests would expect a table, chair and Wifi access. You might also include access to a printer on a fair use basis, but you can specify all the services that are available in your listing. We find most Hosts offer these services on a fair usage basis.

List My Space Have spare office space to rent?
List for free, it's super easy

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