How Rubberdesk Works

Coworking and flexible office space by the month for as long as you need it.
Here's how to find or rent out your office space on Rubberdesk.

Coworking, Serviced and Private Office Space

Rubberdesk is a marketplace for office space, so there are people who have office space (Hosts) and people who need office space (Guests).

Hosts include Coworking spaces, Serviced offices and anyone with spare desks or offices for rent. Guests might be freelancers, small teams or large businesses who want office space without the hassle.

Unlike a traditional lease, businesses licence space month by month. There's no long term lock in, big financial committment, and if your situation changes and you need to up or down size, you can.

Rubberdesk deals in desks by the month, with Guests often staying for years at a time, which makes for a solid business relationship.

Rubberdesk The Office Space Marketplace

We Have Spare Office Space

Rubberdesk helps you earn from your spare office space. All you need to do is:

  1. List your office. (It's free)
  2. Show Guests your space.
  3. Welcome your Guests and get paid.

With Rubberdesk you're always in control, and there's never any obligation to accept a booking. You set the monthly fees for your office space and can specify the type of Guest you want in the space.

Rubberdesk fees only apply when you get paid and are a simple 10% each month:

  • Bookings are prepaid.
  • No chasing late payments.
  • No invoices to issue; and
  • Licence agreements are done for you.

Sharing your space has never been easier. It's free and takes just minutes, so come and join the thousands of businesses already turning their spare space into spare cash.

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We Need Office Space

On Rubberdesk you'll find all kinds of office space from all kinds of Hosts. There are coworking desks in open plan offices as well as private offices of all sizes that you'll have all to yourself.
Our Hosts include some of the world's largest coworking operators as well as private businesses that simply have spare office space to share. There's something for everyone.

What all our spaces have in common, is that they are yours for however long you need them and you'll have no hassles - just get straight to work!

To get started, simply:

  1. Search the thousands of listings.
  2. Request a Tour and meet your Host.
  3. Book and Pay online.

Ready to start your search?

More about Guests

Rubberdesk Pricing

  • It's free to list your space on Rubberdesk - we only get paid when you get paid.
  • Our Referral Fees are 10% of each months' booking amount.

It's up to you how much you charge per desk (the average desk rate on Rubberdesk is $510 a month).

If you're a coworking operator talk to us about how we can work with you on Referral rates.

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About Us

Rubberdesk is marketplace with a single vision:

To create beautiful business communities through shared coworking desks and office space.

To achieve our vision we have built an online platform packed with feaures and backed up by a fantastic customer care team.

  • Guest messages are sent direct to the Host. There's no sales people getting in the way.
  • We manage payment processing for you.
  • We give you our Standard Short Form Licence to use.

And we've teamed up with Commercial Real Estate!

Rubberdesk in Association with Commercial Real Estate

As a Host on Rubberdesk, you'll:

  • List spaces online in minutes and for free;
  • Be seen on Commercial Real Estate;
  • Make changes at any time to your listings;
  • Be in control to set pricing;
  • Receive Requests to Tour direct from potential Guests;
  • Have support from our Customer Care team throughout;
  • See Guest profiles and decide who to rent to;
  • Get paid each month, without hassle;
  • Have peace of mind from Rubberdesk Short Form Licence Agreeement; and
  • Talk to us any time you have a question.

List My Space Have spare office space to rent?
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As a Guest on Rubberdesk you'll:

  • Search thousands of coworking desks and offices available to rent;
  • Filter by your needs to narrow down the search and find the right Host;
  • Have support from our Customer Care team to help find a space;
  • Request a Tour at a time that suits;
  • Book and pay easily online to lock in your space;
  • Have the Rubberdesk Short Form Licence Agreeement for peace of mind; and
  • Get to work in the right place with the right people.

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