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Host Valerie Southam

Cheap office space $420 week fits 4

Private Office for 4 · Newtown $1800/month total

Host Nicky Cayless

Coworking Desks Near Newtown

8 Desks · Stanmore $334/month/desk

Host Nicky Cayless

Warehouse Work Space near Newtown

Art Studio for 1 · Stanmore $190/week total

Host Nauti Studios

Funky Co-Working Desks near Newtown

10 Desks · Stanmore $104/month/desk

Host Simon Shaw

$395/week office for 3 people

Private Office for 3 · Newtown $1711/month total

Host Simon Shaw

Hot Desks from $99/week

1 Desk · Newtown $429/month/desk

Host Fiona So

Shared Workspace for Creatives

Private Office for 8 · Chippendale $4000/month total

Host Deanne  Copeland

Unique Meeting Room

Meeting Room for 12 · Saint Peters $495/day total

Host Ivan Mantelli

Bright Creative Office Space

Private Office for 2 · Alexandria $1840/month total

Host John N

Office Space- 3 Rooms

Private Office for 3 · Saint Peters $1145/month total

Host Vinh  Van Lam

Creative Meeting Room

Meeting Room for 20 · Chippendale $367/day total

Host John Ng

Fully Furnished Contemporary Worksp

Private Office for 12 · Saint Peters $1035/month total

Host Martin Glasdam

BOOKED! Chat to us for more like it

Private Office for 4 · Alexandria $1610/month total

Host Renae Smith

Desk Space in Co-Working Space

10 Desks · Saint Peters $647/month/desk

Host Renae Smith

Hot Desk

1 Desk · St Peters $647/month/desk

Host Eva  Chen

Desk Space for 4

4 Desks · Redfern $748/month/desk

Host Eva  Chen

Office Space for 4

Private Office for 4 · Redfern $1346/month total

Host Mel h

Gone! But Ask Rubberdesk About More

Private Office for 10 · Saint Peters $1245/month total

Host Andy  Cheong

Desk Space for up to 10 people

10 Desks · Camperdown $600/month/desk

Host Diana Bowden

Booked - Chat to us about more

Private Office for 15 · Alexandria $3364/month total

Host Helen Ashley

Creative Space in the Art Room

Art Studio for 2 · Saint Peters $316/week total

Host Shruti Kumar

4 Desks for Rent in Alexandria

4 Desks · Alexandria $386/month/desk

Host Gabriella  Angilletta

Creative Office Space to Share

6 Desks · Marrickville $621/month/desk

Host Justin Boyd

Design4Work Alexandria

18 Desks · Alexandria $836/month/desk

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