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Offices for rent in Redfern are around the national average of $575 a month per desk and cheaper than its more expensive neighbours towards the central business district. There is a good amount of commercial office space and shared offices to rent by the month in the area.

Located just 3 kilometres south of Sydney's central business district, Redfern is a small suburb only 1.2 kilometres square that has seen considerable state level redevelopment work over the years.

It is well connected with a Sydney Trains station on its western edge, the first stop south of the busy Central Station and it is the closest station to the main campus of the University of Sydney, making it a major hub for commuters and students alike.

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Private Office of 4 Desks

Private Office for 4 · Redfern $2252/month total

Desks for Rent in Redfern

3 Coworking Desks · Redfern, $565/month/desk

Desk Space in Surry Hills Studio

2 Coworking Desks · Surry Hills $670/month/desk

4 Desks for rent

4 Coworking Desks · Redfern $435/month/desk

Desks Space - Surry Hills

4 Coworking Desks · Surry Hills $550/month/desk

Desk Space in Strawberry Hills

20 Coworking Desks · Strawberry Hills $450/month/desk

Sun Drenched Co Working In Redfern

50 Coworking Desks · Redfern $477/month/desk

11 Dedicated Desks in Redfern

11 Coworking Desks · Redfern $542/month/desk

Creative Studio for Rent

Rehearsal Studio for 7 · Redfern $688/month total

Creative Office Share Surry Hills

4 Coworking Desks · Surry Hills $520/month/desk

Desk Space - Surry Hills

4 Coworking Desks · Surry Hills $520/month/desk

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2 Coworking Desks · Redfern $430/month/desk