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Hosting on Rubberdesk

FREE TO LIST and we'll manage all the payment processing for you.
So sit back and relax - let us do the work.
We only get paid when you the Host get paid. That way, we've got as much skin in the game as you have when it comes to finding a great Guest who will become a great regular.

What are Rubberdesk Fees?

All prices shown on a listing page include the Rubberdesk Guest fees of 10%.
These go towards running and marketing the site, processing payments so you don't have to and creating a community in which businesses can trust and be as productive as possible.

Ready to go? Then...

Payment processing

We've kept payments safe and simple by partnering with PayPal to manage the processing and storing of your vital information.

We've done the hard work so you don't have:
  • Bookings are prepaid;

  • No invoices to issue or chase;

  • No late payments to follow up;

  • Booking requests come payment-authorised; and

  • Payment is captured as soon as you, the Host, accept the booking!

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