Agents and Tenant Representative Referrals

Agents and Tenant Representative Referrals

Agents and Tenant Representatives Refer and Earn. Work with Rubberdesk, the specialists in Flex and Serviced Offices, and earn fees on Flex!

Rubberdesk pays 50% of fees earned upon success.

Specialists in Flexible and Serviced Offices

Talk to us about your client's enquiry and we'll give you all the Flexible and Serviced Office options, letting you focus on what you know best. We'll work with you to find the best option for your client and listen to how you want to run your tenant's enquiry.

Partner with Rubberdesk for Flex today.

Rubberdesk earns 10% referral fees of the monthly contract value

Referring Agent earns 50% of the Rubberdesk fees collected upon successful completion.

We Cover the Whole Market and Work With...

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Rubberdesk Value Add


Compare the entire Flex market in one place

From Individual offices to entire floors over variable terms.


Flex specialist advice & support

Serviced Offices is what we do. Let us find all the Flex options; or use us to fill the gaps in your Flex knowledge.


Transparent & Confidential

Deal confidentially where retained, or disclose to maintain nomination. We’ll work within the bounds you set. Additionally, as an agent you can track every deal you’ve referred and see the current status.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Referrals

How much can I earn by referring flexible office customers?

Refer a serviced office enquiry and we'll split our fees earned with you straight down the middle 50:50. So, if we earn $5,000, you'll be paid $2,500.

What if I don't want to submit the client's details?

Then don't use Rubberdesk. Simple. We work with sensitive client details all the time, but we always know who the customer is. If we don't know who the customer is and are unable to talk to them, then we cannot do our job. and if we cannot do our job then we (and you) cannot get paid.

What if two people submit the same customer referral?

We can only pay out referral fees once, and so will only pay the agent who gives us the referral first. It's in your interest to sign up your customer referrals as quickly as possible to secure your position as referring broker.

When will I get paid?

You will be paid within 30 days of Rubberdesk being paid assuming you are registered as an Agent, your referral is accepted and Rubberdesk is successful in earning a fee for placing the referred customer into office space.

What if Rubberdesk already knows this customer?

We might already know this customer, but be unaware of their need for office space and so you could still be eligible for referral fees. If we are already working an enquiry for them, then we will reject your referral. Else we will accept and honour your referral, with thanks.

How will I know if my referral is accepted?

We'll review and notify you on the status of your referral, and whether it has been accepted or rejected. Once set up as an Agent, you'll find all your referrals along with their status on My Referrals Portal

We aim to treat all referrals fairly and responsibly, but our decision is final.

What happens after I submit a referral?

We will email the Customer to let them know you have passed us their details to help find them an office. We will also call them to clarify their requirements and give them access to see shortlisted office options that meet their brief.

What should I tell my customer?

You can tell your customer that you work with Rubberdesk and will pass Rubberdesk the requirements and contact details to help find the best Serviced and Flexible offices. Tell them also that Rubberdesk will be in touch with them straight away.

Is there any cost to referring Customers looking for flexible office space?

No. There is no cost or charge for submitting Customer referrals.

Are customers charged for Rubberdesk Services?

No. Customers are not charged for Rubberdesk Services. Our services are free and without obligation.

How does Rubberdesk earn fees?

Rubberdesk is paid fees by owners and operators of office space to whom we successfully introduce tenants who rent office space.

Is there a minimum value Rubberdesk will pay in fees?

Rubberdesk will only pay a referring agent where the fees earned are over £100.

How long are Referrals valid for?

Referrals are valid for 3 months from the time when the referral is accepted by Rubberdesk to when an agreement is signed.

Are referral fees paid if the Customer renews or extends?

Referral fees are not paid on renewals or extensions.

Are agents paid on future deals done with the Customer?

No. Outside of the Customer's brief supplied by the agent, there are no further referral fees paid.

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