Australia's Office Space Guide

Australia's Office Space Guide

Here's what's new in the world of flexible office space

From tips to transforming your space into a coworking office to the launch of brand new serviced offices, Rubberdesk will be bringing you weekly ideas and coworking content to keep you in the loop of this ever-evolving industry!

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Australian Coworking Operator @Workspaces opens their 9th Coworking Space in Milton. Read more

The world is changing, and work is changing with it. From saving money to encouraging creativity and employee health, more flexible workspaces are a simple solution to many modern work trends. Read more

Over the last two years, the working world shifted to a fully remote work environment. Businesses across all industries have thus had to reconsider their physical workspace and how workers perform their job duties. Read more

Recently, space-as-a-service has gained popularity because it provides flexible leases for furnished offices with all-inclusive amenities and member benefits. Read more

Sharing office space isn't as big of a job as you may think! With our 5 step guide, we discuss some easy ways on how you can transform your office in a coworking space. Read more

In a world of uncertainty, renting serviced office space on a flexible lease just makes sense. It's more affordable than ever and allows your business to adjust the space as needed. Read more

Today, building the workplace that meets the needs of both the business and staff, means offering flexibility in where and how people work. As it turns out, that means the role of the office is as, if not more relevant today than ever before … Read more

From Coworking operators to small businesses with spare desks, Sydney has a range of options for businesses of all sizes. Read more

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