Latest Flex Office Market Insights: What's New with Flex and Serviced Office Space in Australia

Your Outsourced Flex Platform

Your Outsourced Flex Platform

Stop dropping Fees and let Rubberdesk pick them up with you

You're a Leasing specialist and Rubberdesk are Flex specialists.

Flex powered by Rubberdesk delivers the power of Rubberdesk's specialist platform and expertise to service Flex and Coworking Office enquiries to help Agents capture more fees.

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We work with Leasing Agents to place Flex leads and:

  • Service opportunities that would otherwise be missed
  • Earn a Referral Fee from won Flex fees, where none previously were collected
  • Give Agents feedback on placement and terms of deals won for their pipeline
  • With no extra headcount or effort, Rubberdesk qualifies, tours and closes your Flex flow

Don't be second to place a referral

Call us or email your Flex referrals straight away... There are no prizes for being second with a referral.



Got an enquiry that might suit Flex?

Send it through and we'll do the rest.

The Rubberdesk team will reach out to your lead, to help them in their search for Flex office space.

Leaving you to focus on your core business.

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Rubberdesk Flex

We built the systems so you don't have to.

Rubberdesk does the heavy lifting and covers the whole Flex market.

Our platform has thousands of available offices with real time pricing to make dealing Flex easy. All backed up by our team of flex specialists.

See for yourself


Earn & Learn

Rubberdesk will pay you for your referral.

Flex Office Space fees are typically 10% of the first year's contract value.

Plus, we'll tell you all the terms of the deal signed so you'll learn where your referral has gone.

Request more info and Terms:

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Built for Flex

We built the systems so that you don't have to.

Rubberdesk has over 2,500 Flex Offices available. From 400 Operators small and large. Across 800 locations around Australia.

All with real time availability & pricing.

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Flex Works Differently

There are a number of differences between Direct Leasing and Flex. Length of term, descriptions of space (typically measured by number of workstations) and facilities and amenities all differ.

Crucially, because of shorter term Flex deals, inventory turnover is high. That makes it difficult for Leasing Agents to keep up with what's available and current prices and offers. That's where Rubberdesk comes in.

The fast paced nature of the Flex market makes it fiercely competitive for Agents to get nominations, maintain control and secure fees. Which is why Leasing Agents use Rubberdesk as their outsourced Flex team.

Flex Trigger Words

Leasing Agents send Rubberdesk Flex referrals so they can cover the market while searching for Direct Leases, but also when an enquiry's brief mentions a "Flex Trigger Word":

Why Agents Refer Flex Enquiries to Rubberdesk

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We Make Flex Easy

We're just a phone call away and Flex is all we do.

Because of the fast moving nature of Flex it often sits outside the Leasing Agent's wheelhouse.

From tracking real time availability and pricing of offices, to arranging inspections and delivering proposals. We take care of the whole process, all the way to signed docs.

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Fastest Wins

Nominating and maintaining control in the Flex space is notoriously difficult.

Occupiers shop around online, go direct to Flex operators or engage multiple brokers.

Rubberdesk's Flex-focused platform streamlines the process to quickly and efficiently give occupiers all the options, arrange inspections and secure the nomination.

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Trusted Partner

Rubberdesk is a trusted partner of Agents to handle their Flex enquiries.

Rubberdesk places occupiers in Flex then informs the referring Agent of the deal terms. This puts information back in the Agent's hands for future enquiries.

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Offer Lease & Flex

Show occupiers all the options and cover the whole market - Direct and Flex.

When you refer to Rubberdesk you retain full control and fees of the direct lease options.

We're here to cover the Flex market so your client gets the whole picture.

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Access The Flex API

Boost your Flex presence by plugging Rubberdesk's Flex API into your website.

The free API delivers you a feed of available Flex offices and pricing so you can build your own front end or simply add a Flex Search bar to your website.

See the API in action at Cadigal. Get in touch to learn more.

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Earn from Flex

Stop dropping fees on the ground.

Refer and Rubberdesk will pick them up and pay you a referral fee; before someone else does.

An outsourced Flex team with the dedicated systems and teams is how Agents can access fees in this fiercely competitive market.

See Who We Work With

Rubberdesk is trusted by and powers Flex for Cadigal

Using Rubberdesk's exclusive insights and powerful API our partners are able to lead the market in Flex and offer their clients a holistic set of occupier services.

Talk to us about accessing our free to use API.

We Cover the Market

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