The A-Z of Coworking in Australia

Coworking in Australia is growing massively, and if nearly 2,000 spaces for rent on Rubberdesk are anything to go by, it's not slowing down.

Rubberdesk's A-Z of Coworking in Australia is the definitive guide to all the spaces around Australia. Compare all that the spaces have to offer and find the space that's right for you. No matter the industry, if you need a desk for one person or a managed office for a hundred people, it's all here.

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Coworking 2018

Check out a concise summary of News, Stats and Research from 2018 on all things Coworking, including:

  • Coverage from the BBC
  • Predictions from industry leaders
  • Developments amongst the great and the good
  • Coworking trends across Australia


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Coworking A-Z of Australia

Here at Rubberdesk, we have spare desks and office space rented out by traditional businesses just like yours. We also have some of the best Coworking and Managed Office Operators in the world who list their space.

To make your decision easier, we've put together a list of what sets each operator apart: location, services, benefits, reviews...

Check them out here in our Coworking A-Z of Australia.

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Coworking by Industry

Coworking has been largely defined as a hub for start-ups, the tech industry, freelancers or entrepreneurs. However, with the rise of flexible workspaces, coworking has become a popular solution for those from larger corporations from industries such as:

We've created a list of the top industries enjoying coworking to help you decide if coworking is for you. Check them out here in our Coworking by industry.

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Coworking Terminology

There are a lot of terms for describing Coworking and people often use them interchangeably, so let's start off with some basics, to get us all talking the same language.

  • Hot desking
  • Permanent desks
  • Shared offices
  • Serviced or managed offices

Find out more: All things coworking.

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